Software Tools

Here is a list of all the software tools and applications that I have used in creating the Whizz80 computer system. I currently use a Mac to do all my development on, so the software listed below are leaning towards the Mac side. I have however, tried to not use any ‘os specific’ software. There may be unfortunate exceptions and I'll indicate when this occurs.

Software Development Tools
  • zasm - zasm is a command-line assembler for the Zilog Z80 cpu. It is available as source, which should compile on many unix-style operating systems, and as pre-compiled binary. One of the reasons I prefer this assembler over something else (such as z80pack) is that it supports macros and other nice to have features.
  • z80pack - A Z80 CPU emulator that allows you to software debug your z80 applications (and even run them) on your local desktop. Invaluable for step by step debugging.
  • vim - My favourite editor.
Electronic Schematic/PCB Tools
  • Eagle - Schematic/PCB Creation

Perhaps a little controversial as Eagle isn't an open source tool but a commercial tool. While I could use an alternative, such as KiCad, I'm more comfortable with using Eagle to design my schematics and layout my PCBs. I also find the performance of Eagle better on my Mac than Kicad. I am currently using the free version of Eagle and I will be making the files available in Eagle format, as well as PDFs for those who don't want to use Eagle.

Website Tools
  • Hugo - Allows me to keep the docs updated via command-line using markDown. No fancy GUI here.
  • Hugo-Learn-Theme - The website theme used for this website.