Software Overview

The Whizz80 computer software library is rather bare at the moment due to the hardware simply not existing.

While you could develop on a virtual machine or a simulator, I have not found one as of yet that is suitable for a custom hardware platform such as the Whizz80. Once the hardware is at a level where simple programs can run on it software should then become available to run on it.

As a result the current goals for system and application software for the Whizz80 computer is as follows:

System Software

  • Hardware monitor
  • Hardware drivers
  • CPM Port
  • Basic ROM port
  • Hardware testing
  • System Tools
  • WhizzOS (a custom Forth based operating system)

Application Software

  • Basic based Applications
  • Forth based Applications

These lists of system and application software might be ambitious, some of them are quite simple to write therefore once the hardware becomes available we should see these lists being populated.